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Support Local Journalism

Major Media Companies have editorialized reporting and called it news. The Free Press was never designed to be journalistic interpretation of the facts.  LNN USA is committed to reporting facts about issues important to you. But the Free Press is anything but FREE!

LNN USA exists to serve our fellow citizens. As a locally owned and operated digital news network we forego the expensive printing presses, costly production plants and corporate overhead. Your membership dollars are primarily used to pay local reporters to cover local news – reporters dedicated to investigative news and features that matter.  To do that we need your support.

Defender | $6.99 | Monthly

Basic Membership Package

By committing to level one you are saying “I understand a Free Press is not Free. I support local journalism!” plus the LNN Insider digital magazine emailed Saturday each week. 

Patriot | $65.00 | Annually

Advanced Membership Package

By paying for an annual Patriot membership, you receive all of the benefits of Defender level, including the LNN Insider digital magazine emailed Saturday and a great low rate! 

Patron | $19.99 | Monthly

Elite Membership Package

As a Patron member you support local journalism and service organizations at the same time. Patron  members can designate their full monthly membership for  advertising credit to the nonprofit of their choice and receive the LNN Newsletter.

* LNN Newsletter is e-mailed 50 weeks per year - No email the week of July 4th and Christmas week